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Apr 28, 2020

Bodhi Garrett is the Founder of multiple projects including North Andaman Tsunami Relief and Andaman Discoveries among others, and an eco-entrepreneur of several community-based tourism initiatives in the Khao Sok National Park region.

Listen to his journey from growing up amid myriad cultures across the world, to helping with relief work during the tsunami in Thailand (2004) and the earthquake in Nepal (2015). Learn about his community projects, and tourism development initiatives, while finding a home and empowering native folks in Southern Thailand.

North Andaman Tsunami Relief was set up to empower people in several tsunami-affected villages, by using education, conservation, and development, so these communities can build independent livelihoods.

Andaman Discoveries
is a social enterprise that serves the needs of local communities through education, conservation, and cultural empowerment in Southern Thailand.

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Sign up for themed tours to villages and islands, or give back through volunteer programs in schools and orphanages.

Khao Sok Riverside Cottages and Coco Hostel are family-owned boutique accommodations in close proximity to Khao Sok National Park, which offer immersive experiences in the region.

Explore the wonderful flora and fauna of this tropical rainforest surrounds highlighted by the picturesque Cheow Larn Lake and the Ratchaprapha Dam.

Enjoy a bunch of activities here that include canoe trips, cave explorations, lake cruises, raft house stayovers, waterfall hikes, wildlife excursions, rafflesia hunting, night walks, village encounters, jungle cooking, and more.

Also mentioned in this episode:
Animist traditions
Ban Talae Nok
Carry Your Bottle
Cheow Larn Lake
Coconut beetles
Community based tourism
Ferns in Southern Thailand
Gems Elephant Farm
Glowing fungus
Khao Lak
Khao Sok Lake
Khao Sok National Park
Khlong Phanom National Park
Koh Surin
Lindsey Reding
Mangosteen Cosmopolitan
Moken people
Mondop “Bee” Sreshthabutra
Mount Kailash
Nam Kra Jieb

Nam Prik Kapi
Nattaya “Nat” Sektheera

Our Jungle Camp
Our Jungle House
Pandan juice
Phang Nga
Rafflesia Kerrii
Riang beans
Rohingya refugee crisis
Rhinoceros beetles
Sambar deer
Sakai people
Sonchana Farm
Thamrong “Tui” Chomphusri
The Hippie Trail
The Hillside Retreat

The Red Cross
United Nations


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All photographs courtesy of Andaman Discoveries, Bodhi Garrett, and Khao Sok Riverside Cottages, unless otherwise stated